Data Center Expo (DATA CENTER Spring) gathers all kinds of power-saving and environment-responsive IT products and solutions.

A great number of information systems managers, management executives and data center operators/constructors visit Data Center Expo every year to conduct face to face business with exhibitors.


B to B show aiming for discussions and orders

Japan IT Week Spring Part 2 is not just an event for public relations but an exhibition for business discussions and generate sales. 

For this reason, Show Management makes sure that each exhibitor has at least one set of table and chairs for business discussions inside of the booth.

As a result, exhibitors have been able to negotiate with visitors extensively and achieve great results.


Manufacturers and System Integrators dealing with Air Conditioning System, Rack, Operation Management & Support, Power Supply, Data Center, Etc.

Business Matching

●New products & techonology introduction

●Technical consultation of IT projects

●Cost & schedule estimation 


Data Center Providers, Data Center Designers, Construction Companies, Real Estate Owners, Systems Software Dept., Network and Communications Dept., Corporate Planning Dept., etc.

Exhibit profile

Products Related to Data Center Facilities

Server, Rack, Power Supply Unit & UPS, Air Conditioning, Operation Management Service, Independent Electric Power Plant, Double Floor System, Fire Protection & Extinguishment & Smoke Detection Equipment System, Isolation Equipmetn, LED Lighting, Security (Access Management/Biometric Recognition Device/Monitoring Camera/Mantrap, Etc.)

Data Center Service

Data Center, Container Type Data Center, Modular Data Center, Hosting, Housing, Co-Location

Operation Management Products & Services

Green IT Solution, Energy Management System, Cooling System (Air Conditioning, Fan, Etc.), Energy Efficiency Solution, BEMS

SDN/Network Connection Equipment

Hub, Switch, Router, Connector, Tap Analyzer, Load Balancer, Network Monitoring Proudct, Security Appliance, VPN, Wiring System, Etc.

Data Center Investment Promotion, Data Center Construction, Other Data Center-Related Products and Services

Concurrent Shows

Software & Apps Development Expo (SODEC Spring) is an exhibition featuring all products and technology for software development, maintenance and operation. 

BI/DWH, mining, analysis services, artificial intelligence and more are showcased at Big Data Management Expo (Big Data Spring). 

SAN/NAS, operation management, backup services, tape data storage, SSD and more technology are featured at Data Storage Expo (DSE). 

Information Security Expo (IST Spring) is the Japan's leading exhibition featuring information security solutions such as cyber attacks, targeted attacks and information protection solutions.

Web & Digital Marketing Expo (Web-Mo Spring) is a specialised exhibition featuring marketing automation, AI applications, and online marketing tools.

Power system, air conditioning, racks, operation management, cables and more are exhibited at Data Center Expo (Data Center Spring). 

Cloud Computing Expo Japan (Cloud Japan Spring) is the specialised show featuring platforms, ERP, groupware, SFA, storage servers and more. 

All mobile solutions such as telework support, work style innovation and application development services are showcased. 

Direct Commerce Solutions Expo (Direx Spring) features all systems and services related to e-commerce. 

Store management and customer attraction, Omni channel, and tourism marketing solutions will be features at Store & Retail IT Solutions Expo (Storex Spring). The show is essential for IT transformation of the retail and service industry.

AI & Business Automation Expo (AI Spring) features all kinds of business automation solutions such as AI technology and products, RPA and chatbot!