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CTSBW( is a new burgeoning internet media service platform which combines traditional business with emerging market and focuses on investment and finance for capturing and entrepreneurship. Through our acclaimed media brand advantage and VC database, CTSB unites activity with crowdfunding, links entrepreneurs with capital, so as to build good service platform for equity trading and entrepreneurship of unlisted venture company. Welcome to visit our website

Infosecurity Magazine

Infosecurity Magazine has over ten years of experience providing knowledge and insight into the information security industry. Its multiple award winning editorial content provides compelling features both online and in print that focus on hot topics and trends, in-depth news analysis and opinion columns from industry experts. Infosecurity Magazine also provides free educational content featuring: an established webinar channel, whitepaper syndication programs & industry leading virtual conferences all of which are endorsed by all major industry accreditation bodies, making Infosecurity Magazine a key learning resource for industry professionals.

IT Bear was founded in 2007 and is created and maintained by a group of internet professionals who love the internet and love technology. ITBEAR is China's leading instant technology information site and has now become an important Internet IT news center in China. ITBEAR is committed to providing scientific and technological information suitable for reading by Chinese readers. Presenting reports on how science and technology affect people's lives.

Robot China

As a professional media company in the robotic industry, Robot-China Website relies on a three-dimensional medium consisting of network, graphic design, multimedia and WAP, as well as an integrated service system consisting of market research, marketing communications, marketing planning and implementation, e-commerce, after-sales services and talent services, providing full marketing services for robotic product suppliers, agents, system integrators, training institutions, maintenance companies, etc.

Cloud Alliance

Free supply of Internet information and inquiry service, industry is not limited, The number is not limited, the resources are shared, and more opportunities for business cooperation will be won quickly. What you think of, we are all doing it, the world is so rich!


Ebrun is the most influential e-commerce knowledge platform in China. Focusing on e-commerce, Ebrun has reached more than 20 million e-commerce managers around the world and established an extensive influence on retailing, agriculture, cross-border e-commerce, health, automobile, e-commerce service, international e-commerce, etc.

IT News

IT NEWS seeks for various internal and external IT news as well as social alternatives for the universal pursuit of happiness and reports them. Particularly, IT NEWS is the only IT magazine created by IT professionals (Computer Engineering, Network, IoT, and Management Strategy, etc.) in Korea. The analysis articles of its members (Chief Editor, Guest Reporter, and Columnist, etc.) provide insights that are distinct from the existing media. In addition, IT NEWS is not limited to IT industry only, but also presents directions for the Korea’s future of food with such fields as Bio, Physics, Environment/Energy, Space, Medical Science, Life Science, and Future Industry.

PC Home founded in 1996, is the largest and oldest it information website in China. The station is provided with a digital, hardware, mobile office, mobile phone, digital home appliances, software, business center, game entertainment center channel 8 is perpendicular to the industry, including news, product, market, evaluation, video and other 5 comprehensive application center, and notebook, tablet computer, machine, printer, projector, digital camera, GPS navigation, mobile phone, servers, network equipment, high-definition, software download, play community 33 vertical product channel, covering from low-end to high-end, from the hardware to the game, from the individual family applied to enterprise applications, from product technology to the life of all kinds of information technology.


As a professional media company in the robotic industry, Robot-China Website relies on a three-dimensional medium consisting of network, graphic design, multimedia and WAP, as well as an integrated service system consisting of market research, marketing communications, marketing planning and implementation, e-commerce, after-sales services and talent services, providing full marketing services for robotic product suppliers, agents, system integrators, training institutions, maintenance companies, etc.


EO ( is an industrial innovation service platform,focusing on promoting new technologies, ideas, and new policies into the real economy. EO offering several products including“EO Website” (industrial innovation service platform), “EO Intelligence” (industrial innovation research institute),"enterprise service box"(industrial upgrading one-stop enterprise service platform), "skylight"(industrial innovation external insights platform), "EO Conference"(industrial innovation activity platform), “Industrial Innovation Institute”(industrial innovation growth platform). EO is not only an online service platform, but also offers offline activity, of these activities are brand businesses that serve industry, provide business services, information exchange opportunities to business employers, industry third parties, and partner customers.


HQEW founded in 2002, is wholly-owned by Shenzhen Huaqiang (STOCK CODE: SZSE 000062). It is China's largest online trading platform for electronic components B2B/B2C, aiming to provide professional and efficient supply and demand docking services for global buyers and suppliers.

Brief Introduction of IBK

Brief Introduction of IBK (IBK) is one of the top bathroom websites in China, focusing on bathroom industry for over 17 years. IBK was founded in 2000, Xiamen(China) Boil Network Technology Co.,Ltd as its website operator. With nearly 20 years’ development, by providing complete, efficient and authoritative industry news, IBK plays a key role in bathroom industry, witnessing and promoting the fast development of bathroom in China.Currently, is leading in website accessing, bathroom brands ranking, customer service and many other aspects in China bathroom field. With the average daily independent IP over 150,000 and PV over 700,000, is now bringing benefits to over 1500,000,000 people. Besides, is also the news origin of bathroom industry trend for tycoon search engine like Baidu, Google, 360 etc., which enable us in a much more competitive position in bathroom field than peer competitors.


OFweek is a comprehensive web portal in Chinese high-tech industry with 800,000 members across various industries. It delivers real-time industry events, in-depth analysis on hot issues, and market research reports of every industry. OFweek launches a variety of ATL and BTL campaigns for the high-tech industry each year. For more information, please visit

E4ds News is semiconductor, advanced electronic technology field, Internet ecosystem based on video media, the craze of communication revolution from 3G to 5G and IoT to Aerospace etc we have taken notice of this meeting. Through the fierce innovation and swirl of growth, It has already become a new media that represents the change of electronic technology field and internet media age.Currently hardware, Soft engineer, Electronics field journalist, Technology Management Marketers etc this is including of the industry opinion leader group. Especially, It is loved by incumbent technology development engineers, bloggers who are influential in the online ecosystem and tech-oriented start-up readers.

Android Community
Android Community is centered on the rapidly evolving world of open-platform mobile devices. We work closely with entities like Google to stay ahead of the news curve and to provide the best source of open-platform mobile news and analysis on the Web.

OSJournal was founded by two FOSS (Free or Open Source Software) advocates in September of 2018. Our mission is to provide in-depth opinion, analysis, and tutorials on open source projects. We are committed to advocate for open source initiative in enterprise, smb, and individual users. belong to Hangzhou Qufair Network Technology Co.,Ltd. Under the influence of the Internet and the Belt and Road Initiative policy,our platform has developed rapidly. through more than 10 years of exhibition resources and industry precipitation,we successfully create the largest and most professional international exhibition service platform in China. Relying on the development of China's foreign trade and cross-border industry, we can help companies to provide convenient and safe services for exhibition.At present, our business covers 219 industries and more than 110 countries.

SlashGear is the nucleus of the personal technology information galaxy. Covering off on everything from consumer electronic products to digital lifestyle and trend, SlashGear aims to be the first site to tempt readers with the most enchanting new gear on the market. Distinctive, informative and fresh, SlashGear never fails to engage readers. SlashGear attracts over sixty millions early tech adopters, automotive enthusiasts and lifestyle consumers each year. This audience not only enjoys leading trends, but they are also of discerning mind and highly opinionated when it comes to digital lifestyle technology. According to comScore, 47% of the audience makes more than $75,000 per year. They spend a good chunk of that on their favorite new gadgets and SlashGear is their number one information source, taking them from in-the-know to first-to-own in their circle. Get in front of this dynamic audience today by advertising on SlashGear.

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VentureSquare is a leading startup media in Korea, established in April 2010. We are offering in-depth analysis articles about people, technology, products and services realated to startups, aiming to become the #1 helper for startups.

SeminarToday is 'Information and Communication Technology (ICT)' online newspaper. We provide practical information for businesses in a wide range of industries, including new products, conferences, seminars, training, exhibitions, IT issues and enterprise sectors. We also provide professional news and information about various products and companies. Please visit
Contact: Press Release & Advertisement.

Pravasi Express
Pravasi Publications formed in 2012 entering to publishing arena, with launch of Malayalam-English newspaper Pravasi Express from Singapore. At present, Pravasi Express is the leading Indian news portal publishing from Singapore.

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Asia Pacific Security Magazin
The Asia Pacific Security Magazine is published bi-monthly with a strong support for industry exhibition and conference events within the Asia Pacific region. It is available online to read by all and distributed to leading industry decision makers and a subscriber database.

Security Middle East
Security Middle East print magazine, website, Interactive magazine and direct email service provides the most successfully integrated media platform in the Middle East region. This bi-monthly magazine is the leading publication for security and safety across the GCC and Middle East with a circulation of 14,000 and wider readership of over 42,000 installers, integrators, suppliers and buyers. The website is ranked No1 on most major search engines like Google and receives over 28,000 hits per month, providing a one stop shop for news and products for installers and buyers in the region. Couple this with our new interactive magazine you can demonstrate your products to a key target market like never before. For more information about Security Middle East magazine, Website and range of online services please visit-
Contact: Tel: +44 (0) 1752 267 330
Follow us on twitter @SMEMAG Linked IN @ Security Middle East Magazine

IENET MEDIA TAIWAN has been engaged in media promotion of Machinery Industry since 1987. “Taiwan Fluid Power Buyer’s Guide” is first published since 1993, after 25 years close connection with Mechanical components /air-oil compressor industry manufacturers in Taiwan and deep research of the market, we started to build new websites such as (General Machinery) , (Power Transmission & Control) and (Automation and Robotics) from 2000, with these platforms we collect information of machinery manufacturers in Taiwan, established a database of manufacturers and products, and provide buyers a platform with variety of information service.

Starting from the "Monthly Machine Technology" in 1974, we have renewed our identity keeping with the trends of the times. In May 2016, we made a new leap forward with a new name and brand, MFG. The letter MK hidden in the logo, symbolizes "Manufacturing Korea!" It is our slogan as well as a kind of spell that wishes for Korean manufacturing industry to expand to the world. There are four meanings in this new brand: a butterfly that creates a big wave with small wings, a light that spreads to a wide area, a door that enables Korean manufacturing to progress to the world, and a link for harmony between 3 million manufacturers. We will strive to contribute to the development of manufacturing industry.

As the central organization and promotion of the China trade fair industry, Seexpo ( uses innovative technology to enable exhibitors and visitors to make informed booth and ticket booking decisions through its convenient website. Seexpo founded in 2008, is headquartered in Beijing, China. Seexpo provides over 60 thousands registered members (exhibitors, visitors, trade fair organizers and service companies) with comprehensive services including events promotion, space reservations, visitor invitation, packaged tours and booth rent and decoration etc. Seexpo is a free website with Chinese and English version, free for exhibitors, free for visitors, free for organizer and service companies.

TrendWatching( is a special news site to support the newest and hottest issues of start-up, mobile, digital media, design.

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Digital Forensics Magazine
Digital Forensics Magazine is a quarterly magazine from the world of digital forensics; it is the leading magazine with a global audience. The content features peer reviewed, journal quality research, in an easy to read magazine format covering comprehensive technical features, product and book reviews, the latest news, what’s happening legally and in depth “from the lab” feature articles.

Automotive Electronics Magazine
Automotive Electronics Magazine (AEM) is written for people who conceive, design, program, test, market, support, and/or purchase components for automotive electronics systems, including systems for power-train, telematics, infotainment, safety, body and chassis, and connected vehicles… an essential information resource for these key engineers and technical managers by providing them with the latest industry news, trends and insight, technical articles, and new products on the market they need to know about in order to improve their design and development strategies, projects and applications.

BloggersIdeas was founded in 2012 with the aim to help bloggers & SEO’s who struggle to understand the concept of Internet Marketing. Here are some of the reasons how BloggersIdeas can help you and why you’ll find this blog useful: It gives you regular Blogging tips to help you blog better. You can also ask for the assistance in person. BloggersIdeas gives the best tactics to increase traffic to your blog by making use of SEO. You can learn to create an SEO-friendly content with these tips. It also offers certain guides to learn SEO in depth. We also have videos as well as the blog interviewing Top SEO Experts which can help you to clear many doubts. Also, you can get the Blogging Tips as well as the WordPress Tutorials, Plugins tutorials.

Digital Contents Guide
Digital Contents Guide is a blog that aims to provide the latest news of digital and cultural contents and people in the field.

Find Exporters
Find Exporters is an online Web Portal for Exporters, Manufacturers & Suppliers. These Companies are listed as per their respective categories and comprise of complete contact and product details so that the search effort of the interested client is minimized and more target oriented. went online in 2004 with a mission to facilitate exports worldwide. Primarily, the portal provides information on manufacturers and exporters assisting importers and buyers worldwide to source products, equipment, machinery and services from all across the globe. Besides it is very informative in terms of news, research, statistics, trade fairs, conferences etc. being held worldwide.

HakJoony dot Com
Blog about Tech Issues, including Internet Service or Platform, Mobile Device or Service, Security System or Service, and More

My Dear Drone
This site provides you with all the vital information about drones such as reviews, articles, video, guide, technical help in one place but presented in a structured way so you will able to find the right information efficiently and will able to understand it.

The independent authority on search vendors,, evaluates and ranks the top internet marketing companies. Categories ranked by topseos include: search engine optimization, pay per click management, affiliate marketing, social media optimization, and many more. Since 2002, topseos has been a trusted resource for businesses looking to launch or improve internet marketing campaigns. The pathfinder service allows topseos to work directly with you to help find companies that best fit your business needs. Why waste time searching through thousands of sites with false promises? Go straight to the authority, gain insight into the industry, and work with the best.

Visibility Magazine
Visibility Magazine, founded in 2007, has become the guide to latest trends in internet marketing. Visibility conducts interviews with CEOs, shares opinions, reviews products, and provides a wealth of information about the movements in the industry. Additionally, Visibility will reach many fringe businesses that may have been contemplating entering or expanding their Internet marketing campaigns. Visibility is published quarterly and covers a wide range of topics including, but not limited to, organic optimization, pay-per-click marketing, website analytics, affiliate marketing, and press release distribution. Visibility embodies high-quality content, good sense, superior taste, and the character of conscientious journalism.

AppFutura started as a project in the Mobile World Congress of 2013, born out of the needs of mobile app development companies to find projects and the needs of clients to find experts to develop their apps. The platform has now become a worldwide community for mobile app developers where they can meet people or companies looking for the best firms to develop an app project. We offer help so clients reach their best partner.

Robot daily ( focuses on machine innovation for industry development. Currently, the company focuses on five intelligent industries: robot, AI, UAV, VR/AR, and intelligent travel. Through content information, brand activities, industry reports, exhibition summit, and social interaction, it helps the industry innovation and industrial development in the era of "Internet smart +".

Industrial Ethernet Book
Industrial Ethernet Book is the only internationally distributed journal dedicated to Internet-of-Things (IoT) technologies as used in the manufacturing industries, in discrete automation and in process control. Our coverage includes all types of industrial networking, and extends down into field-level automation and upwards into the areas of enterprise and cloud connectivity. The editorial content includes in-depth technical articles and case studies, aimed at end users, system integrators and vendors within Industrial IoT, Industrial Internet and Industry 4.0 technologies for factory and process automation. is an online industrial publication accessible from PC, tablet or mobile and updated daily to facilitate access to information is formed by professionals with extensive experience in the sector. We work to provide all the news of an industrial sector that covers all technologies related to vacuum, compressed air, gases, and their treatment. Our content is about compressed air, Indutrial IoT, digital transformation in the industry, smart factories, Industrial automation and Industry 4.0. Thanks to the high specialization of, we are a meeting point for professionals in the industrial sector. Visit for more information.

Shanghai KMT is an online supply chain platform, created under the policy of "Made in China 2025" with a purpose to accelerate the robot industry in China. The platform provides variety of services such as technology and product improvement, finance, knowledge exchange for manufactures, system integrators and end users of robot industry.

ICN Magazine
ICN (Industrial Communication Network) Magazine is an information and technology magazine for Industrial IoT (IIoT) and Digital Transformation. We supply information of industrial IoT, CPS (Cyber Physical System), Industrial Connectivity and Field Automation.

National Computrade News
NCN (National Computrade News), launched in 1999, is an established B2B magazine with a pan-India circulation of over 45,000, promoting the information and interests of IT hardware & software and IT industry, with special emphasis on distribution channel and market dynamics in India. The magazine covers IT industry news, articles, interviews, stories on industry & market trends, distributors’ views, etc. The product range covered includes, but not limited to, motherboards, UPS systems, storage, networking, PCs, LED & LCD monitors, tablets, laptops, IT security, surveillance, etc. In brief, NCN is a link between vendors, channel partners and the IT market & industry. You can find more information at:

Power Electronics Magazine Korea
Power Electronics Magazine Korea (PEMK) is an expert power electronics magazine in Korea. We supply information of power electronics, energy saving technologies and market research reports.

AffiliateBay is passionately proud to be one of the cool affiliate marketing blog in the noisy digital space. Affiliate will be sharing posts on:
- Affiliate Marketing
- Product Reviews
- Blogging
- Internet Marketing News
- Money Making Online


Hackabu is a team of growth hackers who generate growth in startups, scale-ups, spinoffs and companies. Our team is international and works in different ecosystems around the world. We are T-shaped marketers whose collective ares of expertise spans 20 traction channels. We are united by our passion for innovation and our tireless quest to spawn growth for companies as well as in our lives and the lives of those around us. We choose our team members carefully based on their mindset, expertise, creativity, and willingness to grow.

Inside Industry

As the world relies more and more on technology, and as new economies grow, Inside Industry reports on the latest technologies, acquisitions and mergers, and provides in depth profiles promoting companies and connecting them to new business opportunities.
Each issue is focused on a particular area of industry and includes profiles, press releases, exhibition previews, news, views and advertisements from leaders in that particular sector. The magazine is circulated to over 69,000 readers at director level, keeping companies up-to-date in their own markets and others, and is also promoted at leading trade shows and exhibitions. Inside Industry prides itself on its capacity to ‘Connect Industries Worldwide’.

Organiser: Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd.
Japan IT Week Show Management 

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TEL: +81-3-3349-8504  FAX: +81-3-3349-8500